What Is EMF?

What is EMF?

What is EMF? Nowadays we hear so much about the term EMF, it has become a buzzword – but what does it actually mean? Are EMFs dangerous for us, and if so, why?

The terms EMR (electromagnetic radiation) and EMF (electromagnetic fields) are interchangeable as they both refer to measurable areas of energy.

Many things have an electromagnetic field; even your own body emits an EMF. Some of these fields give off a healthy negative resonance. This can be experienced strongly when out in nature, through the sense of being replenished and relaxed. 

Being in nature helps us to return to our natural energetic state, which is in keeping with the resonance of the earth’s field.

So What is EMF? The EMF/EMR that is concerning with health is those with positively charged frequencies. An easy example of this type of exposure would be to consider how you felt during and after an airplane flight. There is a sense of a stale, unnatural environment with limited oxygen, where it is hard to focus your attention. You are likely to catch an illness either during or after the flight.

Where do these unhealthy positive EMFs come from?

We are constantly exposed to various forms of these positively charged unhealthy fields because they emanate from all forms of domestic appliances, industrial equipment, and from the production and transmission of electricity to the various forms of telecommunication and WiFi that we use on a daily basis. Microwaves, fluorescent lights, smart meters and Bluetooth devices all contribute to the problem.

There are two categories of man-made EMR exposure: extremely low frequency (ELF) and high frequency or radio frequency exposure, known as RF. These terms do not relate to the level of reaction from the body but describe the wavelength frequency range they produce.

Extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation is emitted from electricity and all appliances, the biggest culprits in the home being flat screen TVs, fridges and cookers. High frequency or radio frequency (RF) radiation is generated from all wireless devices, such as smart meters, Bluetooth, baby monitors and WiFi.

We are living in a time when unprecedented amounts of positively charged frequencies surround us. Individually all these technologies are regarded as falling into safe levels of exposure, but what are the risks from the accumulation of such frequencies? 

What will this mean for growing children and their developing systems?

It may be surprising to note that not all forms of unhealthy, positively charged fields are exclusive to electric equipment. They can also be found naturally occurring in rocks such as granite or uranium, dirty water veins or areas over coal mines, for example. This is known as earth radiation.

It may even be even more shocking to realise that our own human bodies are capable of generating unhealthy EMF; this is known as bioplasmic radiation. When someone is sick, they create a positively charged energy field. 

This is held within the space that they regularly occupy and others coming into contact with this field can experience this compromised state as a draining of their own energy. This links to “sick building” phenomena, where illnesses can repeat from occupant to occupant until the energy field is cleared and rebalanced.

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What is EMF & Are these positively charged EMF’s dangerous for us?

We are electromagnetic beings; we rely on chemical messengers to relay information through tiny electrical currents to nerves and cells. Biochemical reactions travel along with charged particles to influence everything from brainwave activity to digestion. 

Even our heartbeat is kept in rhythm through electrical activity. Our natural electromagnetic state is within the same range as the earth’s resonance: healthy negative ions.

So, when we experience something which is outside of this resonance, it potentially starts to put a stress on the body’s ability to function optimally, keep the immune system working adequately, repair cells, balance internal flora, keep major organs functioning properly, and regulate hormonal messaging and emotional states.

Our DNA produces the stress protein known as HSP70 in response to EMF. Our body perceives this as a threat and reacts in the same way as any fight or flight stress response where we can see:

• Diminished blood flow and oxygen away from the extremities

• Increased blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugars

• Digestion and immune response are put on hold.

It is a commonly known fact that any stress on the body can contribute to ill health.

Beyond this, it’s been discovered the positive EMFs also interfere with the metabolism of cells that lead to deficiencies in calcium (associated with anxiety and osteoporosis), potassium (diabetes and Alzheimer’s) and lithium (schizophrenia and depression).

Even more concerning is the discovery that EMF at all frequencies, including extremely low (ELF) and radio frequency (RF) cause damage to DNA.  So What is EMF and why does it damage DNA?

DNA molecules are shown to break apart when they come into contact with EMF because the electrical conductivity inside the DNA molecule responds by becoming charged and then finally splitting apart. The DNA can be seen as acting as a fractal antenna – an antenna that can pick up the range of frequencies across the EMF spectrum. 

It was commonly thought that non-ionising radiation (that with not enough power or heat effect to separate electrons from atoms) cannot create a biological effect. This has now been proven to be inaccurate. Dr Martin Blank of Columbia University explains more about DNA’s response to electromagnetic fields in this video link. 

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