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Koalas are one of the best-loved animals by all Australians and an essential part of their native wildlife. Kirra the Ener-Koala is designed to comfort children and the elderly - and protect...

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Koalas are one of the best-loved animals by all Australians and an essential part of their native wildlife. Kirra the Ener-Koala is designed to comfort children and the elderly - and protect them from all toxic surrounding EMFs. Electromagnetic stress from EMFs can adversely affect one’s health, especially children and the elderly. For recovering children and seniors in Aged Care Homes, these harmful EMFs on their home and hospital beds may contain dangerous radiation, emotional, and even death imprints. Kirra the Ener-Koala is not only soft and gives good cuddles! She also has a balancing effect that extends to 40sqm - ensuring those who need more are protected in their energy fields, organs, and meridians.

Gerard Bini

Managing Director & Founder of Orgone Effects Australia

Our testing proved that a Geoclense in a building neutralised the 5G charge 100%, and wearing an Stellar Pendant, Ener-Band, or having a Stella Dome in your pocket or handbag when you’re out and about, will protect the body and prevent meridian and organ stress from 5G radiation.

What are the benefits of the Ener Koala?

The Ener Koala has undergone an ionic infusion process unique to Orgone Effects that enables the Ener Koala to act as an electromagnetic radiation (EMR) space clearing harmoniser.

The Orgone Effects Ener Koala creates a harmonising field of negative charge around the body that may support and balance the human energy fields, organs and meridians, neutralising the depleting positively charged energy influences from all sources of harmful electromagnetic radiation.

The Ener Koala is especially beneficial for children and elderly people staying in the draining energy fields of a hospital or nursing home, as it neutralises electromagnetic radiation imprints left by previous patients, creating a bed space which is radiation free. Electromagnetic stress may slow down recovery compared to a space which is radiation free.

Hospital and nursing home exposure includes:

  • Electronic equipment
  • Illness imprints
  • Emotional imprints
  • Death imprints

  • The different types of radiation fields unique to hospitals and nursing homes will directly interfere with the chi energy of the Chinese meridian pathways and human organs. Illness imprints can have more impact and slow recovery in people who already have compromised health.

    The Ener-Koala is the perfect gift for:

  • New-born babies, children, grandchildren & adults
  • Sick children (especially when in hospital) during periods of convalescence
  • The elderly in nursing homes
  • While traveling especially on an aircraft.

  • The Orgone Effects Ener Koala is a unique family heirloom as its energetic infusion lasts forever!

    What does the ENER Koala protect against?

    Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) produced by…

    • 4G & 5G 
    • Mobile Phones
    • Digital TV's
    • Smart Meters
    • Baby Monitors
    • Wifi Routers
    • Bluetooth Devices
    • Microwave Ovens
    • Laptops & Tablets
    • Electrical Appliances
    • Mobile Phone Towers
    • Overhead Power Lines
    • Noxious resonance from mold and fungus
    • HAARP, contrails and chemtrails

    Earth radiation (geopathic stress) produced by…

    • Seismic fault lines
    • Underground water veins
    • Drinking water & water pipes
    • Radioactive geological matter
    • 400-meter earth magnetic grid lines
    • Hartmann
    • Curry
    • Benker

    Bioplasmic radiation (human-generated) imprints produced by…

    • Juvenile emotional stress
    • Illnesses and diseased organs
    • Death and ectoplasm imprints
    • Previous occupants’ emotional distress
    • Negative psychic impressions/psychic attacks
    • Personal beam imprints
    • Counter-conscious & negative thought form fields

    Solar & planetary radiation imprints produced by…

    • Planetary retrograde influences
    • Beta gamma radiation from X, C & M-class solar flares/solar winds
    • Beta gamma radiation from Cygnus X3 for people in the Northern Hemisphere.

    ENER Koala FAQ

    How long will the energizing qualities of the Ener-Koala last for?

    The Ener-Koala will never lose its energetics. The energetic infusion does not wear out and cannot be washed out.

    What is the area the Ener-Koala will cover to neutralize the radiation?

    The Ener-Koala will have a balancing effect across 40sqm.